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Costco Rolls Out Store Brand K-Cups

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November 6, 2012

Costco Warehouse Club has partnered with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters to produce Kirkland Signature K-Cup packs for Keurig single cup brewers.

Kirkland K Cup imageThe private label coffee cups are available in two blends: Breakfast Blend, a smooth, balanced light roast; and Pacific Bold, a robust, extra bold dark roast. The varieties, packaged in 100-count boxes, will be available beginning in mid-November.

"This collaboration aligns with our strategy to partner with strong brands that help us expand the adoption of the Keurig system to a broader consumer base,” said T.J. Whalen, vice president of marketing and sales, Green Mountain specialty coffee business unit. “We are pleased to have the Kirkland Signature brand join our system and benefit from our leadership in single cup, our brewer and beverage brand strength, and our manufacturing expertise."

Green Mountain is manufacturer of Green Mountain branded coffee and makes both the Keurig coffee machine and holds the patents on the single-serve K-Cups. Those patents expired in September and retailers were quick to introduce private label versions of the coffee pods. Already, the Green Mountain-branded K-Cups are losing shelf space at supermarkets as private label brands increase in numbers and undercut prices.

The Kirkland Signature K-Cup packs join an expanding selection of store brand versions of the products. Kroger, Safeway and Supervalu all launched private label single-serve coffee pods compatible with Keurig coffee machines in the past several months.


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What happened to this item? It is no longer in stock at my local Costco, nor can I get it on Costco.com. What's up with that? My guess is that it was easily outselling the big brands so they had to pull it. Too bad. It was the best!
Casey at 4:00pm EST - December 13, 2012
The Kirkland Breakfast Blend #700045 is not available at Costco.com nor is it available at the Hayward Costco store.It was advertised in the Costco Magazine so what's up with that.
Wayne Fisher at 7:07pm EST - December 13, 2012
I asked Costco where this awesome coffee was the last time I was there. They said they can't keep it stocked because it's flying off the shelves. Good news my friend found it stocked at our local.Costco! It's not being discontinued
kj at 3:44am EST - December 21, 2012
are they going to have the decaf in the kirkland brand k-cups
cgm at 9:36pm EDT - March 15, 2013
are they going to have the decaf in the kirkland brand k-cups
cgm at 9:36pm EDT - March 15, 2013
We need this great coffee in decaf. Please.
Pat Heffernan at 5:58pm EDT - April 25, 2013
decaf in this would be awsome thanks barry kirkconnell
barry kirkconnell at 1:16pm EDT - June 2, 2013
I'm trying to order the decaf Kirkland brand k-cups, I was told it can be ordered online. HELP
chiye kiyonaga at 12:23pm EDT - June 16, 2013
I am very dissatisfied with your Kirkland k-cups. I'm to get ready for work and make myself a coffee to take with me but it has taken me 3 k-cups. The last 2 blew up......there doesn't seem to be enough glue on the lids and they blow apart.
Mary Tait at 3:50pm EDT - July 2, 2013
Are the K cups from Kirkland - BPA free?
phillis casey at 3:24pm EST - March 8, 2014
Why no medium?
Jodi at 1:22am EDT - April 16, 2014
Please come out with a Kirkland Signature DECAF k-cup!
Thoma F at 9:56pm EDT - April 30, 2014
My doctor told me to cut back on my caffeine intake. I like the Kirkland Breakfast Blend K cup Light Roast Coffee. I have not been able to find the quantity of caffeine in each K cup. Do I get the same amount of caffeine if I make an 8oz or 12oz cup?
Howard Rhoads at 12:38pm EDT - June 24, 2014
I bought the extra bols Kirkland Keurig cups by mistake. I need a decaf extra bold. Does Kirkland make a decaf?
Marilyn Woghin at 10:28am EDT - September 16, 2014
I love kirkland breakfast blend k-cups but I can get them in the Fargo ND store but not at the Gilbert az store( our winter home). Do they have then now -- if not- why? Thanks
Bev Thoreson at 10:50am EDT - October 8, 2014
I would like to know if Kirkland K-Cups are BPA free. My sister visited me from Texas and absolutely loved my coffee. I use the Extra Bold Kirkland K-Cups from Costco so my sister researched and was alarmed at the effects of K-cups on your health (BPA) and the environment. Can someone answer whether the K-Cups are BPA free?
Josanne Huggett at 1:55pm EDT - October 16, 2014
Would like Kirkland cups to be recycle
Christinaraymond at 1:14pm EDT - May 13, 2015
Costco no longer has any Decaf except ground coffee. No beans and no k-cups. Why is that, Costco?
Denny Law at 10:20pm EDT - August 19, 2015
je suis une cliente qui peux acheter chez costco vos produits, vous vendez du café pour le keurig, mais j'aimerais etre capable d'y gouter avant d'en acheter, est-ce que vous pourriez m'en faire parvenir quelques échantillons afin que je puisse y gouter. votre café mélange déjeuner m'intéresse, mais j'espère que vous pourrez faire que je puisse y gouter. si vous etes intéressés vous pourrez me faire parvenir quelques échantillons à l'adresse suivante: 3326 rue des lupinsjonquière, québecg7s 6a8canada
line gagné at 7:39pm EST - February 8, 2016
Costco in Grandville Michigan stop selling kirkland breakfast blendcoffee: why? 5/10/2016
gordon devries at 11:40am EDT - May 11, 2016

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